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Chrissy Moon's Essays and Interviews (F. D. Gross)

Just because the apocalypse is here doesn't mean life has to come to a halt. In fact, it is just the opposite. It leaves us time to explore and do things we never would have imagined (or had the time for) before. The folks here at the Wolfgang Chronicles hope each and everyone of you are alive and well and well....staying "unsick" quite FRANKly.

NEWS UPDATE - The Books and Brews event at the Saltwater Brewery that was going to be held on April 11th unfortunately has ben cancelled. Hopefully it will rescheduled for another date in the future. F. D. Gross and friends were looking forward to meeting with everyone, but unforeseen circumstances has led the world to a staggering halt. We encourage you however to keep reading the things you love and drink your favorite brews from home if applicable. A little humor, It is fact that F. D. Gross has a twelve pack of Corona (light) in his refrigerator to honor this unbending force that has swept the world.

As for the release of his new novel coming out later his year, Book 3 of the Wolfgang Trilogy, F. D. Gross has been making progress on it. He and his wife have been working on the art imagery that will be featured. The editing portion of the production is well underway and moving at a steady pace. He ensures this will be his finest production to date once completed.

So allow us to move onto todays topic.

F. D. Gross has had the pleasure of knowing Chrissy Moon now for sometime. An extraordinary friend who produces fantastic work in novels, reviews, blogs, and publicity. Her list is continuously growing. She is a genuine reader with a passion in many subjects and continues to impress her supporters with the latest materials and upcoming events for authors.

With that said, back in 2018, she conducted an interview segment with F. D. Gross, just before the release of INQUISITION. They had some interesting conversations about the book and it’s release and Chrissy really knew where to go with her questions. I can honestly say it was captivating and a down right good time. You can find the link to the interview right here:

Later on in 2019, after her having read INQUISTION, she decided to do an essay on a particular chapter 39 which explored the morality of human vs vampire family bonds. I found this to be quite unique in her analysis. It’s always good to gain insight on what others think about your work, what stirs them and what triggers after thoughts. Here is the link to her essay:

And now for some really exciting news! F. D. Gross is pleased to announce there will be a specially featured interview conducted by Chrissy Moon appearing in the third book of The Wolfgang Trilogy. The interview goes deep into the thoughts of F. D. Gross, relating to his latest work and the entire series as a whole. You won’t find this interview anywhere else, so be sure to get yourself a copy!

The Darkness and Heart of a woman:

As for Chrissy’s sake goes, she is an established author having produced some of her own work: the God Generation Series - Surreal Ecstasy & Surreal Enemies: Angel City / and the Daydreamer  Series - DayDreamer & Sandgirl’s Dream. She also has a long list of short stories and poems she’s published. All of her works can be found here as well as her blog spots. She covers everything except the kitchen sink! (Well maybe that too!)

So be sure to check out what she has to offer! There’s a ton!

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