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🦇🦇 5 Years of Wolfgang Giveaway Part 2 of 3 🦇🦇

Greetings all!

So here we are, into the second part of the giveaway, honoring the first book release of the Wolfgang Trilogy 5 years ago! A winner was selected for the first part. Congratulations to them!

Here is your chance to win paperback copies of Inquisition and At Death's Door.


Inquisition, was the second book released in the trilogy series. It came out 2 years later after Wolfgang. For those unfamiliar with what the series is about, it is a three part series covering the aspect of a Vampire Hunter on a quest to find his son, who was kidnapped by the very thing he loathes. Vampires. Tenor Wolfgang, the main protagonist of the story, continues his search for Dorian, his son, now missing for three days and counting. Braving the cold harsh Cordova mountains, he and his best friend, Kronklich, team up to continue their hunt. They do all that they must and no obstacle is too great when it comes to saving the one you love, the heir to the Wolfgang House.

A story filled with action, adventure, horror and suspense, Inquisition is the perfect book to add to your collection for everything gothic and vampires! It belongs on your bookshelf! 🦇 Blood, sweat, and tears was spent making this second novel a reality, and I couldn’t be more proud of this accomplishment. It has everything from masquerade balls to runaway trains, with a healthy serving of vampire slaying.

AT DEATH'S DOOR: The second book in the giveaway is an anthology that I was happy to contribute to. At Deaths Door is a collective covering the macabre ideals of death in everyday life. It contains the short story “The Locked Door” appears in this wonderfully constructed book of otherworldly ideals, and I invite you to saturate your senses. There are so many wonderful stories to read in this anthology. Because in reality, we are all at death's door presently, waiting for it to open…

Fall reading is the best time to bolster the senses and sharpen the mind. As we begin the descent into the winter months, it is autumn that we harvest our thoughts and put them to good use. What better way to sharpen your stakes and conquer the evil that lies waiting in the dark corners of your room.


They are simple really. Share this post on Facebook and it will automatically enter you in for the random drawing in two weeks time. Last day to enter will be October 6th 2021.

Good luck to all who enter for the drawing!

Stay tune for the third and final giveaway in two weeks.


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