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The Inquisition is Here!

Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to take this journey of completing Inquisition. It has been a long one no doubt. Moving forward, there are a couple things we'd like to mention in this post. First of all, INQUISITION is out officially and is available where ever books are sold, online or book stores. If you haven't had the chance to view the trailer, we encourage you to do so. It lasts one minute long and really hits home on the premise of the book. If that doesn't do it for you , here is the official synopsis:

After learning the truth about his missing son, Dorian, Tenor Wolfgang is left with unanswered questions. The vampire hunter and his faithful friend Kronklich pursue Dorian through forces of darkness. Haunted by the phrase “Blood of the father,” Wolfgang wonders what the forces of darkness intend.

In a heart-pounding race across a frozen gothic countryside, Wolfgang seeks answers, stopping at nothing to reach his son before it’s too late. Who are the Carnalreesee really, and what is their purpose?

Continue the gut-wrenching journey of carnage, strife, and suffering in this next installment of the Wolfgang Trilogy: Inquisition.

Which now leads us to the next portion of this post. We encourage you to attend the official release party for Inquisition which is being hosted on Facebook by Chrissy Moon, Saturday, November 17th starting @ 2:00pm ETD. There are a couple of prize give aways going on right now which you could win

a whole slew of articles and items currently valued over $150. This is huge in the book industry, so we encourage all to attend. There will also be live readings from author F. D. Gross and his new novel, Inquisition. Links to this event can be found on the Wolfgang Chronicles website at page.

Lastly, there is another giveaway happening right now on where F. D. Gross is giving one lucky winner a signed paperback copy of Inquisition. Currently it is open to U.S. and Canada. Make sure to check it out!

Thats all for now. Happy hunting...

Wolfgang Administration

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