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Today marks the fifth anniversary for Wolfgang, the first book published by F. D. Gross. It is the first in the three part Wolfgang trilogy where the iconic vampire hunter, Tenor Wolfgang, embarks on his journey to search for his missing son.

Join us in celebrating this hero, the savior and protector of the undead, by reminiscing his past, what he's accomplished from the beginning, and the fate that awaits him. Wolfgang isn't just a story about slaying vampires and creatures of the night. It is a story about the human condition prevailing against all odds, surviving the worst of the worst, and, perseverance above all things. Most importantly, this novel touches on family bonds and its power to break limitations, pushing one's soul to the brink.

Adventure is sometimes defined as a learning experience. No matter the outcome or experience, good or bad, adventure lies in the hearts of all men and women. It's what drives the world to expand and advance, to show places that have never been seen before.

Wolfgang is adventure. F. D. Gross takes you somewhere beyond the brink of reality, somewhere fantastical, where the night is not yet owned by humans. Vampires. They are real and they are unforgiving. They are around every corner, even in our day to day lives. You may not see them, but they are there. Chances are you have been affected by them and didn't even know it! This story couldn't be more relevant to the here and now.

Tenor Alvadine Wolfgang is a man of strong will and conviction, and coming from a house where his family is renowned for slaying monsters, it is no surprise his characteristics fit the bill, the standard hero statistics of a past time and place. Born a noble and raised a monster slayer, Tenor is the perfect formula for kicking ass. Equipped with unlimited assets and the knowledge of ancient lore, the reader is instantly transported into the mind of a truly unique perspective, a first person experience through the eyes of a Vamprie Hunter. The world of Ashton needs you, the reader, to bring life to a story that may just very well ensnare your heart and compel you to take a journey of a life time.

Want to learn more about slaying vampires? Read this book. Want a story about strife, suffering, and conquering unimaginable odds? Read this book. Want a mystery encapsulated in a gothic fantasy world? You get the idea.

To help celebrate this 5 Years of Wolfgang Anniversary, F. D. Gross has once again planned to run a giveaway in three parts. Stay tuned for your chance to get your hands on a copy of this celebrated debut novel released in 2016.

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