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October means Haunted Happenings!

Greetings all,

It's been a while since I've been back on here. For this season, The Doctor is in session! As you might know, Fall , or Halloween season, is almost over, and its been a busy time for me! Between doing giveaways, writing new material, and working in a haunted house attraction, my time dwindles quite quickly through the week, burning well into the night and that oil is running low! But that doesn't mean I will slow down. No not at all. Many things to talk about today, so lets get started:

'Tis no surprise that I enjoy working in haunted houses. Last year I had written a post about what it was like to be a scare actor. The greatness of scarring people and making them run for their lives despite any real mortal danger. It's quite hilarious and entertaining, this I can assure. The subtleties of running yourself down to pure exhaustion is only one of the side effects after working the "haunt season" and I won't write about those experiences again today, but I am going to talk a little about the new house I've been working at due to the temporary closing of Enigma Haunt.

For the past several weeks now I have been indulging with my crew at The Haunting of

Duskfield Springs, a series of escape-rooms combined together for the ultimate haunting experience. We've been hard at work to bring the best experience one could hope for down here in South Florida. With so many places having their covid restrictions, most of the attractions down here shut down for the season. Well, between me and my comrades in the haunting industry, we were able to keep the flame burning bright for those who still crave a good scare despite the worry of contracting a deadly virus ( a horror all of its own). And I will say this now, this is all in thanks and appreciation to Freddy Hernandez, the spark plug to the whole operation. If it wasn't for him and his passion, time, and dedication, such a haunting opportunity would have gone dry. The

season would be dead in my eyes. There are many other I'd like to thank, but I'll leave it for another post another day. I've seen some of the other happenings around South Florida and they are really nothing compared to what we have going on at Xtreme Action Park. It has been an honor to work with so many of my fine brother's and sister's at this venue, some of the best troupe actor's one could ask for. The experience is almost what I would imagine is like working at an intriguing carnival. Some of the best freaks with similar interests.

The Haunting of Duskfield Springs has been running now since the beginning of October and guess what? There is still time for any local people ( and out of town people) to come check it

out. The last three nights are approaching fast (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - Halloween night) So much is happening in this haunted attraction. Between a demonic possessed cabin full of demons, a secret laboratory ran by yours truly (aka The Doctor), hallways full of ominous sirens, fog, and surprises around every corner, there's so many screams to have, you won't wether to run, cry, or piss yourself. I think I made some customers do the last one. I won't spoil the experience any more, so come find out

for yourself. You can find out more information here at #HauntingofDuskfieldSprings check it out on twitter, instagram, facebook, and all of those places. Also, a special episode of Hauntscene's Facebook Live will be on tonight to talk about their walkthrough experience last weekend. Find them here:

Now, on to the writing portion of this post. Although the haunt season has chewed up most of my time as an individual for October, I still have found time to plug away at spontaneous note taking for my upcoming novel, Grelldragon: The Medallion of Green Earth. Some of you may be wondering with a title like that (still pending technically) how on earth is this new project relating to gothic horror. Well technically, it doesn't, and although gothic horror is one of my ultimate passions, I do not limit myself to such titles and ambitions. In fact I hope to write in other base genres that will surface eventually. There are a lot of things that constantly channel through my brain at any given point of the day, and to be able to publish them professionally is a monumental task. Being that I am long life fan of epic fantasies such as Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, I've always had this one particular story I've pushed to the back-burner for quite some time. After finishing the Wolfgang Trilogy, I knew it was time to indulge in where it would take me. It's strange really , how certain stories call to you as a writer. I won't entirely rule out that there won't be ANY horror in the tale, in fact, one of the main antagonists is quite disturbing as an individual. But the premise is this: Set in a medieval fantasy world, two unsuspecting university bound mages find themselves wrapped up in something more important that passing their next exam. Something that will involve the entire world, and their contributions may or may not bring it's entire destruction. Told through a narrative of multiple points of view, this latest collaboration of magic, heroism, and death, will spark a new era in the universe of F. D. Gross. I invite you to journey along with me.

Lastly, I'd like to speak about my collaboration with Spencer Scott Holmes and Ryan Dunigan and their Oldman Orange Podcast show. I've done guest appearances on there in the past, talking bout things we love, vampires and such, especially Castlevania, and now recently I've been invited to come on again. This time we will be discussing the notorious bloody film - 30 Days of Night and also the short graphic novel Castlevania: The Belmot Legacy. This came out back in 2005 and for those of you fans of the Netflix series, if you like art and comics, blood and guts, and VAMPIRES, it's definitely the way to go. Make sure you tune in once the show is published. It should be a good time. You can listen to the Oldman Orange podcast show just about anywhere. Here is their information:

Old Man Orange is Spencer Scott Holmes & Ryan Dunigan - "Young Adults, Old Man Attitude. Talking retro games, classic films and comic good times with a crisp of Orange taste." - Check out our Walabie The Rabbit and Drunk Batman and Robin Animated Series. The original Drunk Batman that is. Also take a gander at some of our live action flicks and music videos. And Pizza Boyz The Sit Com Styled Comic book Series on

Comixology, Amazon and Comix Central. Thanks! So come on by, and laugh and learn with all of us at Old Man Orange. Download our Podcasts at the links below on iTunes and Podomatic. Check out our other pages at the links below. Like, Subscribe, Download, Comment, and Share Please.

And I don't think I need to mention this, however, I beg that you please support your local artist's, be it art, music, literature, comics, you name it. It's important that we keep the creative mind's fire burning brightly for future generations to come (if we're still around! Ha!)

Cheers all!

F. D. Gross

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