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New Videos to Watch (Communion)

Communion, book 3 of the Wolfgang Trilogy has been out for over a little more than a month now, and some exciting things have happened since thin. The book is doing well so far in the market, and some fans are very pleased with its release so far. Great news!

F. D. Gross' goal to ensure Tenor Wolfgang lives on in the hearts of all vampire slayer enthusiasts remains true. His vision for a new legend in the genre has become a reality. The Wolfgang Trilogy is testimony to that.

In the meantime, some new videos have been published on YouTube relating to Communion: Unboxing, excerpt readings, interview, etc.

Here are some links to the videos in case you missed any:

Interview with F. D. Gross:

Links to the books can be found here:

Amazon: (They are available where ever books are sold as well, paperback and ebook)

And of course this does not mean this is the end of the road or F. D. Gross' writing. In fact, he is currently working on two new projects simultaneously, believe it or not, and remains steadily busy bringing new fantasy to light. One of his new series, Grelldragon, will be focusing on a new take about the world and its mirroring effects of destruction. He is very excited to be working on this for it has been a vision of his for quite some time. His fascination with wizards and dragons has always peaked his interests. Stay tuned for more updates. Continue to check back on this blog page and you can also sign up with his newsletter here:


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