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New Things to Come in 2020!

Greetings all!

Get ready for the exciting conclusion to the Wolfgang Trilogy coming in 2020!

Conflict. Monsters. Adventure.

Vampire slaying has never been this much fun!

With this said, some of you are probably wondering why the title of the book hasn't been announced yet. Its simple really, because nothing can be more fun than a little mystery thrown in the mix. I promise later in the year it will be mentioned, but for now, let us anticipate the diligence of effort that is being put into its creation. Yes, it is exciting I finally get to announce its culmination. Its been a long road bringing this trilogy to a close. So much has happened in the story since 2016 when the first book was published.

Tenor and James never thought things would turn out the way they have. Thus far, their journey has taken them through horror filled ruins, insane train rides, and deadly frozen landscapes, all in hope of finding Tenor's son, Dorian. What more can be said about it? This trilogy is packed to the brim with action, survival, love, hatred, betrayal, exploration, impossible odds, monsters, vampires, and more. So why not join the journey and come along for the ride. It is sure to satisfy those desires of entertainment. Book 1 - Wolfgang & Book 2 - Inquisition are out now, so why not catch up if you haven't already. Get reading!

Now that it is the new year, 2020, I always like mentioning new things to come. As I just mentioned, the last book in the trilogy will be coming out sometime this year. Some other new

things to mention is there was a set back unfortunately in 2019. I had promised two new short stories to be released, but only one of them was. Hopefully, "The Locked Door' will make its debut in 2020. Lets keep our finger crossed.

And now its time for the end of the 2019 reading year. All the books I've read for fun, research, and study. Its been a good year, landing a grand total of 28 books! Thats a new record for me. My new goal for 2020 is 30, so we'll see how that turns out. So many books! Not enough time!

Heres the list:

1) The Blood of Before - Scott Hale

2) Darkside Earther - Bradley Horner

3) Hidden Company - S. E. England

4) A Hole in the Ice - McCallum Morgan

5) Into the Ashes - Lee Murray

6) Inquisition - FD Gross

7) Estranged - Ethan Aldridge

8) Ararat - Christopher Golden

9) Amulet #8 - Kazu Kibuishi

10) Deathdolls - Simon Farrant

11) Record of Lodoss War - Ryo Mizuno

12) Church Mouse: Memoir of a Vampire Servant - RH Hale

13) Sabotage - Jeff Dawson

14) The Cults of the Worm - Scott Hale

15) Vampire Hunter D Manga - Vol 1

16) Vampire Hunter D Manga - Vol 2

17) Vampire Hunter D Manga - Vol 3

18) Vampire Hunter D Manga - Vol 4

19) The Eight Apostates - Scott Hale

20) The Agony After - Scott Hale

21) Magus of the Library vol 1 - Mitsu Izumi

22. Magus of the Library Vol 2 - Mitsu Izumi

23. The Lost War - Justin Lee Anderson

24. Wild Hunt - Nancy Kilpatrick

25. Monkspike - S E England

26. Black Butler Vol 1 - Yana Toboso

27. Children of the Whales Vol 1 - Abi Umeda

28. Philosophical Thinkers - Daniel Reiger

Usually I announce the top three of my favorite reads for the year. So here it is, the top 3 for 2019:

#1 Church Mouse: Memoir of a Vampire Servant - R. H. Hale

#2 Magus of the Library Vol 1 - Mitsu Izumi

#3 The Blood of Before - Scott Hale

Also be on the look out for new live book readings. This is always something I enjoy doing, bringing literature alive through means of the voice, old fashion story telling needs to be revitalized. So much is lost through video media these days, but it can't be helped I suppose.

So, cheerio for now. Have a great start of the new year and be prosperous!


F. D. Gross

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