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At Deaths Door

The day has arrived! At Death's Door is officially out. This collection of short stories will sure to chill your bones. Having been in the making for some time now, its is an honor to share the many pages with such talented authors.

Here is a brief description found on the back of the book.

"Walk the cracked earth and mossy path to twenty-four unique and imaginative tales of death and beyond. Inside these pages you will discover death in its many forms...

From natural causes and accidents, to the not so accidental. Families bid emotional farewells, killers plan their crimes, and creatures from the other side seek their prey.

Death keeps a place for everyone.

Come join us At Death's Door."

Isn't it delightful? This anthology could not have been done with out the diligence of Pixie Forest Publishing. And currently it is available through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Here is a list of all the authors you will find:

Elizabeth Royer, Dennis Doty, D. M. Burdett, F. D. Gross, Emily Fluke, William Thatch, M. R. Ward, Donise Sheppard, Jo Sutera, Cassandra Angler, Alan I'Anson, Sarah Kaminski, Ashley Rich, Edward Ahern, Susan Gibbons, Elizabeth Joyce, Chrisitine Eskilson, Bryant Wiley, Nathan B. Rodgers, Lesley Robertson, Devon Widmer, Jensen Reed, Nicole Jackson, Melissa Sell.

Here is a little sample of what the stories look like on the inside.

A big thank you to Donise Sheppard for putting it all together and Alan I'Anson for the fantastic art designs.

Check out their website:

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