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Working in a Haunted House

For some it’s such a strange concept, working in a haunted house where the general populace relates to it as something truly horrific and exciting, something you go to during the haunting season of October to get entertained, where you go with friends and family, walking through narrow hallways and stooped corridors, experiencing strange musics and sounds, and then, sprung upon by the freaks lingering in the darkness...that’s where the work comes into play (aside from other things). And I am proud to say I work at one of the best Haunted Houses in South Florida, Enigma Haunt.

Being a scare actor is a fun, exciting, excruciating fantastic time if you love creeping around in the dark and scaring the ever-loving piss out of random people (you might know SOME people, but thats irrelevant). Thats right, I’m talking about good old fashion, in your face pop scares, screaming your balls off, and sweating through your fabrics…LOTS of sweating. But hey, fun like this doesn’t come for free. You have to offer something, whether its your blood or sweat, give or take a little of both. Working in a haunt is a unique time that can sometimes be hard to explain. Its like a love hate relationship with yourself throughout the nights you work because in many instances you may be by yourself all night…or, sometimes you get to work with others. But it is those alone times that really allow you to not only become some one else, a creature perhaps or a dying corpse possibly or a shovel lord, but a time to reflect on who you are and what you’ve done throughout the year, good or bad, and then you release all of it! The haunt allows a sort of portal to open (I’m talking about barn doors ripped right off the hinges!) You hang out with your friends, some new, some old, and all the while you share an insane bond that grips your soul and doesn’t let go.

I’ve been at it now for three years and have no intention of stopping. In fact, I

think it has developed another inner-self I always kind of knew was there but sort of ignored it for so long. Kind of like a repressed raisin forgotten at the bottom of that tiny little box left on the shelf, pushed back year after year, collecting dust and then some rat turds and an occasional spider web. Wrinkled, pruned, dried, and cracked. By no means am I speaking of depression, but rather, an attitude that was dying to be heard and seen. Working in a haunted house I think has released these entrapped echoes dying to be heard, quite literally.

So now, as Halloween rapidly approaches our inner hearts in the weeks to come, I get to meet new friends once again and I cherish each and every new encounter. The lost souls I work with are not lost at all, but see the broad picture as I do from that dingy bedpan! Crude, hilarious, and damn right witty. I love them all, especially the ones that I see instill the leadership and trust into others, owners Billy and Karen, all the house managers, Dave, Freddy, Jonathan, Brad, KT, and Damian. There are more but enough with the name dropping!

So again, whats it like working in a haunted house? It kind of, sort of goes like this.


An instant transformation takes over you and no longer are you YOU…but rather, and insane demonically possessed, passionate harbinger of fear. No longer does the outside world matter because one, all the natural lights in the house that keep you safe are no longer on. Darkness engulfs you, along with reds and blues and greens, and the familiar stench of rot hits your nostrils like a slug from a shotgun. And its not only you who has transformed. There are others around just

like you, well maybe not just like you, but there is definitely a sense of camaraderie, a sister and brotherhood that is unparalleled to any other imitations. Whooping and hollering. Suddenly you dash from the spot and enter a world of smoke and mirrors, vanishing behind secret doorways and climbing heart wrenching stairs that lead into dimensions beyond belief and reality. As victims come through the haunt, (I’m talking about guests) they simply fuel that fire burning within. Passion. Commitment. Insanity. You run back and forth between areas, listening for the screams. You want to go to them, to answer their call for more (thats what screams are) but you can’t, because if you don’t stop for just a moment and breath, you might just pass out!…But thats ok…really…anything for that adrenaline rush!

Now is the time to come experience Enigma Haunt for yourself! This place of thrills and chills is open for 2019! Now until the first day of November. Check out the calendar for the exact days we’re open. For the wary, there is nothing I can say to help settle your nerves for they will be shattered and stomped upon the floor should you come. But there is a place you can go to find out more to see if

this is the place for you.

Much love to all my brothers and sisters at the haunt. You’re all a bunch of sick freaks! Ok, time to go recharge now. Rest up and let the mayhem strike a hot anvil once again and sear some flesh (Somethings cooking).......

Also, wanted to mention again about the anthologies Demonic Household & Demonic Carnival one more time before the haunted halloween season comes and goes, vanishing into the attic to be stored again for next year. Recently I had another short story released called “Cervantes the Puppet Master”. Nows your chance to get yourself a copy,

available wherever books are sold. 5 star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I you like short creep stories that take place at carnivals and fairs, this book is meant for you. All of the authors that contributed to this series have something quite unique to offer. Go check it out…

F. D. Gross

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