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A New Short Story by F. D. Gross - Cervantees the Puppet Master

Earlier in the year I mentioned there were two short stories by me coming out later this year. Well one of those stories is right around the corner. With only one week left before it's release, Demonic Anthology III - Demonic Carnival, will be available for preorder at a reduced cost until September 1st. Its been a long time in the making, but I am proud to be a part of the anthology once again this year (this being my second appearance in this particular anthology series).

Always wondered what it was like to experience the unusual and bizarre that is the dark carnival? This anthology will bring you down that avenue and more just in time for Halloween, ranging from twisted tales to demonic and gruesome whispers. I would like to take this moment to thank the creator of the series and the willingness to put such a collection of mayhem together. Valerie Willis, truly a remarkable author of Dark Fantasy Romance and owner of Battle Goddess Productions. Check out here stuff if you get a chance.

So a bit about my story. I've included an image of the first page out of the paperback and it looks stunning. Cervantees the Puppet Master. Kind of says it all doesn't it? I mean, come on, who doesn't like a good story about marionettes. They have always set the mood for the macabre and mysterious. Why not experience it for yourself. Jack Dresden has a whole night of fun planned out for him. Something he wasn't expecting. And his experience will be truly unique. Come one. Come all. The first ticket is free. There are a bunch of other great authors in this series, including my good friend Chrissy Moon and her story, Tami and the Fried Pickle Caper.

You can find Demonic Carnival right here:

And finally, a quick update on my work in progress (WIP). The third book in the Wolfgang Trilogy series is coming along nice and steady. It's about 50,000 words plus right now and the direction is looking promising. Wondering what the conclusion to the trilogy is going to be? Wondering what the TITLE to the last book is going to be? So far it remains a mystery, but for those of you who've read the series, you will already know what its called. Why don't you find out for yourself? Everything is available through

If you want to stay up to date with what I'm doing in the literary world, subscribe to my newsletter. Administration generally sends out letters when there is a new release. They promise not to bog you down.

Thats it for now. Talk to you soon.

F. D. Gross

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