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  • F. D. Gross

'Tis the Season for Vampires and Blood

Without a doubt, its that time of the season again, and with the holiday's steadily approaching their end time, there are some folks out there still looking for the ultimate present to give. And what better gift to give then the gift of READING. Thats right everyone, give the gift of reading. There's nothing like relaxing on the couch or in your favorite reading chair with one of your favorite books. Some like to get out in the cold and go to their local coffee shops to sip on their favorite brews to read. I'm right there with you.

With that said, don't forget Inquisition is out now, and you can download it on any reading device electronically or, for the fans of paper, order online and get your very own paperback sent to your doorstep. There is still time to order your book today and get it before the holiday season is over.

Inquisition, set in the cold mountain ranges of Cordova, is the perfect holiday get away for action adventure enthusiasts, those who enjoy a good vampire hunt involving carriage chases, runaway trains, masquerade balls, and so much more. Get your gothic on and join Tenor in his hunt to save his son, Dorian.

To make things easier for you, directly below you will find all the links to Inquisition:


Barnes and Noble:

Google Play:

Thanks again for your support!

FD Gross

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