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It's here. The moment is finally here! The cover reveal for FD Gross' newest novel, Inquisition, will be happening Tuesday, October 9th @ 5:00pm eastern standard. Won't you join this momentous occasion as the Wolfgang Trilogy moves one step closer to its completion. Aside from the cover being revealed, other images will be shared from the novel as well as some never before seen excerpts. There will also be a special Inquisition montage that will be posted for your viewing pleasure. Go to the events page and click on the Inquisition Cover Reveal button to attend.

In the weeks following the cover reveal event, an announcement for the novel's publication release event will be determined, hosted by Chrissy Moon and Moonja Star Books and Games. Its in encouraged you attend for there will be lots of give aways and guest author appearances, not to mention some live Facebook readings of Inquisition. There will also be a chance for one lucky person to win the grandprize, which cannot be revealed at this point in time. Come to find out!

Stayed tuned!


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