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The Wolfgang Trailer (Revisited)

Two years ago in 2016, Wolfgang, the first book of the Wolfgang Trilogy, was born onto this earth. Being 1 of 3, it has served as the beginning conduit and foundation for the series unfolding in the years to come. For some, Wolfgang has been described as the introduction to something much bigger yet to come. As a sort of trip down memory lane, here is the first post in commemoration to the highly anticipated release of the second book Inquisition (conveniently hashed tagged #InquisitionBook2 ) later this year 2018.

The trailer lasting a whopping one minute long encompasses the deepest highlight of what is expected from the first novel. The imagery selected was taken into consideration to pinpoint key aspects of the story. As the trailer opens, you can see the background is a town with the day passing quickly. It transitions to a burning building shortly after symbolizing the many scenes where fire is a focal point. Particularly the Danbury Hovel. From there the back ground fades to black, increasing the intensity and intent of the key words displayed, only to fade into a cathedral/church where the screen is then blinded by light. It is a nice depiction of good vs. evil and rightfully so. The story is full of these comparisons. The sound tracks for the Sherlock Holmes movies were by far my favorite musical arrangements to date and so with those in mind, the arrangement “Intrepid” was used as the background score. Somewhat of an upbeat tempo, it still encompasses a dreary foreboding that Tenor will come to learn. It’s theme is also used as the main music when visiting the website.

Here are the words displayed in the trailer:

“In a land of darkness and despair, a land of evil, Lord Wolfgang fights to protect his people, his home and his family. The Vampire tyrant, Lord Egleaseon, seeks to undo an ancient curse and requires a sacrifice. On one fateful night, when everything is lost, a father will journey into darkness to get it all back...”

It is clear what lies ahead is a story dark and foreboding in all sense. Do you have what it takes to read on and conquer the strife and suffering Tenor is exposed to? Purpose, ritual, battle and blood stains the pages of Wolfgang. Get ready for #InquisitionBook2 coming later this year 2018. Prepare yourself for what’s to come for the night is very cold...

Later this year, there will be Facebook events for the release of Inquisition: Cover reveal party, live readings, and of course, the release event for Inquisition. It’s going to be a good time. Pass on the word. Use these hashtags to help promote the book. Every little bit makes a difference.

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