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The Wolfgang Trilogy, What is it?

The Wolfgang Trilogy. What is it exactly?

I can tell you what it’s not. It’s not your candy coated fairy tale, where the princess gets lost in the woods and can’t find her way home, or the evil step mom hates her inherited step daughter and despised her to kingdom come. No. It’s definitely not a light read where you come home from your stressful day at work and look for something to RELAX or calm your nerves, or where you lay down on your couch and take a quick 15 minute nap to charge your mind back up. And it also isn’t about where good always prevails over evil (despite what you think is good and evil).

So where does that leave us? Ah, yes. What it is exactly, if such a thing could be described. However, such a thing can not be described in whole. No. The Wolfgang Trilogy is so many DIFFERENT things at one time. It is interpreted in so many different ways I couldn’t begin to describe what it is EXACTLY, but rather, in theory.

The Wolfgang Trilogy is a series of three books, two of which have been revealed and one which remains to be a mystery. These books are chronologically ordered.

  1. Wolfgang

  2. Inquisition

  3. ?????

The Wolfgang Trilogy is told from the first person view point of Tenor Wolfgang, the vampire hunter, and in his story, his journey, from introduction to conclusion, you get to see the tale of a noble lord’s life crumble to its foundation. And then, hopefully, watch him stack the pieces back into place. Hopefully. No. This is not a warm felt story of joy and bliss nor a tale where those you love win. It is a tale of survival and human traits. It’s a tale to hold close to you your heart as Tenor’s world is ripped from his finger tips. It is something we, the human race can relate to, whether for good or bad. I say this because, well, there s just so much of both in the world today, that everyone’s personal story is so different from the next.

The Wolfgang Trilogy is a story of tragedy and hope, where the human spirit prevails and bleeds across every page turned. Set in a far away land not of this world, many qualities of Tenors world mimic the same of our very own. They are there. You just have to look for it. However.

Monsters roam the country side, controlled by Something. Maybe not. But like all good stories, what is a story without danger? In most cases, tragedy shapes and mold the individual for a necessary cause. In this case, Tenor is forced into a life well beyond what he thought it would be and so the tale of the Wolfgang Trilogy unfolds. His family has hunted the vampire for hundreds of years, but never to the the extent of what has unfolded recently. His son, Dorian, was taken from him, and for fathers who love their children, would go to through extreme measures to get them back. Wouldn’t they?

The Wolfgang Trilogy is about transformation. The redefinition of one’s self. What does it take to survive this world and the next? You be your own judge. Don’t let others determine your fate.

In the coming months, in anticipation of the release of Inquisition

later this year 2018, I will be revisiting highlights of the first book, Wolfgang, and its existence. There was a trailer, a book reading series, an unboxing, online events. But aside from these things, it’s is the core that must be remembered and understood. Simply the fact

the first book was an introduction of Wolfgang and that he survived. Although things didn’t turn out the way he expected. Many things wait around the corners in our lives as does his.

Pain, suffering, happiness, death. But there is also hope. No one can ever take away hope. Can they?

What is the Wolfgang Trilogy?

Well, that is for you to decide...

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