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The Inquisition Has Begun

If you don't already know, I have recently finished revisions on the second draft of Inquisition, the sequel to Wolfgang, Book number 2 of the Wolfgang Trilogy. I did a Facebook live feed about a week ago stating the first official Inquisition update. It wasn't a joke. The manuscript was sent to the editor that weekend and has been there since. Here is the link for anyone who might have missed it. Copy the address into your browser and poof, off you go.

I've received some feed back from some of my beta readers and for some of them, it was hard for them to put it down and that "it flowed really well." Apparently there are not many inconsistencies to hash out. Well, thats good! Because I can honestly say its been a tiresome road to finishing this specific piece of work. Much longer than the previous one, Wolfgang, which was more of like an introduction to the Trilogy. Non-stop action, suffering, pain, loss, yet hope at the end of the tunnel. The character, Tenor, has endured a ton of resistance this far and who is to say they're won't be more. What makes a good story anyway, if not constant conflict...

Inquisition takes place within the severe cold of the Cordova Mountains, a place not fit for the weak, that is for sure.

So can you guess where the journey goes? What will become of Tenor and Kronklich as the search for Dorian continues.

As stated in previous live feeds and blogs, this story is a trilogy and by no means do I plan to slow down, despite the extreme length of time it takes to publish a book. (It takes a damn long time, rest assured.)

Here are some tasty influential images I've selected over the last couple months that somewhat depicts what to expect in the second book. As mentioned, cold, desolate mountain terrain, forests, and yes...well, I can't say, but let the images guide you into imagination.

I've also begun recording certain conceptual conversations with Diana, capturing the core essence of writing influences, what ticks, and of course, free flowing conversation.

You may find it interesting or maybe not. Make sure to check it out because you never know what may come out at any given point.

So, as I wait for the manuscript to come back, I've been working on conceptual artwork and maps, crucial elements to the Wolfgang Trilogy.

Does artwork tickle your fancy or could you live without it?

I always wondered about that, whether readers were engaged with extra tidbits found at the beginning and ending of books. Anyway, its almost time to go sailing the caribbean with metalheads. I'll see you again once I get back and continue bringing you updates.


F. D. Gross

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