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Diary, October 26th con & 27th

Diary, October 26th continued (evening) - Continuing with the theme and mood of Halloween as we slowly progress to its culmination, finished watching Van Hellsing with Hugh Jackman.

I forgot how wonderful a movie it was. Also having watched it to refresh my knowledge of the movie due to the Podcast with the Spencer Scott Holmes and Ryan Dunigan’s Old Man Orange Podcast Show, one of our goals was to discuss and compare Van Hellsing to Bram Stokers Dracula. It was well worth the watch again. In Spencer’s own words, It’s like the ultimate monster hunter movie. As the night progressed I read a little more of Dracula the Undead, by Dacre Stoker. Fifteen chapters in and you realize just how far Quincy Morris, son of Mina and Jonathan Harker, will go to be who he really wants to be. There is a surprising twist I will not reveal that has to do with Bram Stoker himself, and it is such a well thought out idea that Dacre pursued. It is the second time I’m reading this book and it still endures. I’m feeling a bit hungry. Need to eat something.

Oct 26th (Later still) - My wife has fallen asleep on the floor. Poor soul. She is exhausted from a days work. She deserves rest. However I could not sleep. I stay awake, thinking more about vampires and decided to play some more of Castlevania, Circle of the Moon.

I’ve been at it for months now and still haven’t beat it for the 5th time (yes I’ve played it that much) there’s just something about the music and gameplay. My love for the game will never die. Maybe I’ll finish before Halloween?

Diary, 27th of October midnight (early morn) - As yesterday came to a close, I realized how overcome I felt by the power that surges through me when I simply think about certain things. Such things as what my next day will bring - or the fact that, later on this day, I will return to the place where the jekyles and hydes come out to play, lurking in the shadows and hiding behind small window panes to terrorize victims. Such things do exist and I look to them in eagerness. With the cool weather settling, and regular temperatures rising, I fear not my temporary fall will return within mere days to treat me to yet another spell of dry air. These are the types of things I look forward to. Not the screaming of mortals in traffic, or the horrendous affairs of the news. No. More so, the simpler things that make me tick. And tick away I say.

It was about a year a ago when I published my first novel,

which rose through the ranks of my countless short stories only to shine brighter then they, and since then I’ve learned a great deal of things. Things which have included who to trust and who not to speak to. Who and what is real, and when to say yes. I can say from personal experience it’s been a trying one, but one I would never take back, for within the midst of all the chaos, I was allowed to explore the likes of people that actually mean something. It is they who give credence to life. They who so willing step forward away from their comfort tower to say, “Hey, I’m real.” And right you are, I dare say. Again, who is real and who is not?

Although the novel Wolfgang was written and published a year ago, I still felt the need to share it in other ways, and so the thought led to action, and my action was to create a video/audio book. I can finally say that yes, it is complete, and it is ready for consumption. Won’t you give it a try? Some patrons have told me they listened to it while driving.

Others, while falling asleep. But I should warn you, listening to it while falling asleep might startle you awake, or worse, your significant other, for in some parts, a good shouting is in order. You can find this wonderful creation I made right here. Below I have provided the links in which you can find this rendition of Wolfgang all in one place.

Either by YouTube:

Or on the Catacombs website page here:

Share with your friends. Pass the word. Leave your comments. It’s the best way the story will ever come to life. There are so many folks that have helped me finish this project and for me to thank them here would be too long of a list. So thank you to all. I did mention some folks in the ending credits of Chapter XXV. Thank you Chrissy Moon, Kathy Booker, Scott Hale, Joe Compton, Maxine Groves, Spencer Scott Holmes and Ryan Dunigan, for all of your support on social media. You all help bring stories to life by simply caring and sharing what others have to say. Forever indebted.

Earlier I was working on the sequel to Wolfgang, called Inquisition, and this is my next endeavor I am to release sometime in 2018. I can say this, while I was working, I realized chapter 3 was actually two whole chapters of themselves and so it is this type of rewriting that authors go through. It’s daunting. Wish for me as I scroll through numerous pages of vampires, hunters, and blood, oh my.

I once read somewhere (I can hardly remember where. My brain can only hold so much information) that being a writer is like having homework for the rest of your life. How true it is. (I am laughing to myself)

But alas, as the night creeps on, my eyes have succumbed to the drearyness of morning, this 27th early morning of October. In just a few hours, I return to work. I wonder how it will play out. Only time will tell...

- FDGross

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