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The Wolfgang Audio Book Is Here

While driving home from that long work day, crank up the volume and listen to the story of Wolfgang being told. Having trouble sleeping at night? Plug in those earbuds and listen to the endeavors of Tenor Wolfgang as he tries to find answers about his missing son. Explore ancient ruins and traverse across a dark gothic countryside. With elements of nature present throughout the entire story of Wolfgang, it is easy to see how the they can become easily corrupted and influenced. Even the very castle Wolfgang explores is cursed and seemingly alive. Do you possess the courage to take the journey with him, to explore vast corridors of darkness, rivers of ancient lore, and creatures willing to eat all parts of your body, bones and all?

Recently there were some complications with the Prologue to the Wolfgang Audio book. Someone decided to mute the video because they did not want me to play their music on my book reading video. Well tfft! I say to that. It helped me realize I could make a better introduction to this whole business of making an audio book on Youtube so viewers can listen to it for free. And so it is, currently available, for FREE, and so I invite you to start with the Prologue and continue on the journey. Every week I will try posting a new video, add it to the audiobook playlist and add it to the catacombs on the Wolfgang website. So if you get a chance tonight, go on there and check out the new, reloaded, revamped, Wolfgang Audiobook Prologue. Tell me what you think and leave your comments.

Thank you for your time. Have a good night and listen to those chapters. There are 25 in all, including the prologue.

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