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Christopher Lee

Some knew him as Saruman the White from Lord of the Rings and Count Dooku from Star Wars, but for me, it was Horror of Dracula, 1958. Although having died in 2015, his legacy will live on. One of the reasons I am mentioning him here and now is because the other day, I was searching through Youtube, perusing my usual musical selections when suddenly I found myself transported, back to a time of amazing voice work of a man not forgotten, but rather, distracted form. And an amazing voice in deed this man had, one of the best in my opinion of all time.

If there was anyone ever I wish to have read my book's narrative, it would have been Christopher Lee. Deep, powerful , and resonating, I still get goosebumps from the very sound his voice makes every time I hear it. I found this old recording of Lee doing an audiobook reading of Bram Stokers 1st edition Dracula and was astounded how amazingly similar the production was compared to my own audiobook of Wolfgang. I've included in this blog some links to amazing readings that Christopher Lee has done in the past. Some to include the Dracula reading, an excerpt from the Silmarillion - The children of Hurin

by Tolkien, and one of my favorite poems by Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven. Every time I hear them, I am transported. This is the type of quality I am to strive for in my own book readings, and hopefully I will be able to obtain such greatness.

And not only was Christopher Lee an amazing actor and amazing voice over, but apparently he was a fabulous vocalists. He performed a song with the symphonic metal band, Rhapsody of Fire, The Magic of Wizards Dreams. Funny story on this. I have lis

tened to this band for the longest time and every time I had heard the beginning intro to Symphony of Enchanted Lands, I always said to myself (that has to be Christopher Lee). Well thats its for my small tribute to Christopher Lee for now.

Its always good to revisit the past and reminisce on such greatness as he was. He will forever be remembered not only by his cinematic adventures, but by the undertones of his voice which have impacted me in so many ways. I am scarred by his voice (in a good way).

So here we are again, back to the readings of Wolfgang. Every week on Tuesday, I will be "performing" a Facebook live session of my book, reading a chapter in chronological order all the way to its completion of chapter 26. If you so desire, come join me those nights to get the full natural affect of live readings. As you know, I posted Chapter 10

just last week (here it is in case you missed it) and hopefully I'll be able to post Chapter 11 tomorrow. All of the chapter reading links can be found right here on the Wolfgang website or you can go to Youtube directly and find the videos there. In two days time from now, I will be starting back with the reading chapter 12 and you can find me online at 8:30pm eastern time. To ensure you get your chance to view the live feed, go ahead and send me a friend request and i should get back to you. Stay in the loop, get connected.

Before I go, I just wanted to thank everyone again who came to the Gothic Brilliance event and showed there support. Special thanks to Chrissy Moon for putting on the event and Scott Hale for performing his first time ever on Facebook Live. It is always fun to see patrons getting involved. Ok, thats it.


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