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My oh my, its been awhile since my last official "blog" post, so here I find myself before the alter of technology, pressing the keys of transmutation and entering what seems to be the reality that is about to happen. Yes. Behold, the posting of a blog!

Where to start, where to start. Well, starting with the mention of the Facebook event happening tomorrow is a good start. It is called Gothic Brilliance, Author Introduction, and it can be attended straight from your couch, or car, or dinner table, or party, or the toilet. Whatever tickles your fancy really. Why is it called as GOTHIC BRILLIANCE you ask? Well its because it was a good name...well truth be told, it is because there will be a wide range of authors presented at the event which vary in numerous genre types such as Horror, Apocalyptic, Steam Punk, and Suspense. Not to forget Vampires and ghosts and blood and gore and monsters and whatever else. Does that wet your appetite? No? Well I did try. Well I shall have you know that it is being hosted by none other than the one and only CHRISSY MOON, who is a dear friend of mind and brilliant publicist and writer. Without her help, none of this would have been made possible and none of us would be going to this most macabre event. So, who will be featured at this event? Well, a whole slew of authors from multiple walks of life from all over the world (I think). So many different styles of writing exposed to you for your viewing and listening pleasure. From what I understand, there will be live posts from each individual author, talking about their latest works or upcoming projects. If your lucky, there might even be Facebook live break out sessions. They will be here ready to answer your questions on anything you might ask. Personal questions - you're on your own!

Here is the list and schedule of appearances.

I can tell you however, during my session, I will be doing a facebook live session. I'll be reading for the very first time a short story I wrote a long time ago, back in my college days. A most dark and sinister story that some have labeled disturbing. You be the judge, yes? And if there is time, I will do a very special selected excerpt from the novel Wolfgang. Should be an interesting one. Oh, and let us not forget about the GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY. A most spectacular prize it will be. Thanks to Chrissy's leg work, she was able to muster up one that will go down in the history of Book/Author events! Go to the event page now and check it out

As for the progress on the second book of Wolfgang, I possess high hopes that it will be finished by the end of this year, as long as all things go well (stars align correctly, the end of the world is delayed, normal life cooperates, etc..) you get the point I hope. But in all seriousness, the second book I think will be at least, if not more, than twice the length of the last one, and maybe will be able to answer questions from the first. Who knows? And of course this

is all wishful thinking off one other element of life that I recently been obsessing over: Zelda - Breath of the Wild. Hopefully I won't disappear into the fairy realm for to long, but I must say, damn, it is a beautiful game without a doubt. If you are a fellow gamer, you will understand my plight. And if anyone has the slightest of remote interest to see what its all about, I have been posting snap shots of my game play on twitter.

Well thats all for the time being. Till next time!

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