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The Chapter Reading Saga of Wolfgang Continues...

Some of you may or may not already know that I have been doing live Facebook readings every Tuesday night @ 8:00pm for the past 5 weeks, having started with the Prologue and up until last week, Chapter 4. Well I am please to inform you it is still going strong and I will continue to do them for the remainder of the book. A few days after the live reading, generally, I upload the reading with enhanced features on Youtube and the Wolfgangchronicles website. There is only three more weeks left of Day One in the Wolfgang novel, where Tenor is only just figuring some clues as to the whereabouts of his son Dorian and Joachim, his demented butler. Three chapters remain before Tenor rises to a new day of surprises. Chapter 7 marks the chapter before closing out day one.

As for the Day Two chapters coming shortly after, I will be posting a new schedule for the readings there out. It will most likely be the same day and time, unless there is an overwhelming request for something different. For those of you who might of missed last weeks chapter reading, I am adding a link to it hear so you can easily access chapter 4. And of course, if you've missed any of them or wish to go review any of them again, feel free to visit the Catacombs right here on this website. Please ensure to subscribe to the channel on Youtube as well. It is free and helps support me, a poor starving indie author.

Where are we at in Chapter 4 you ask? Well, funny you should mention it (is this guy crazy?) Tenor is hell bent on seeking help from someone who might point him in the right direction, and at the beginning of the chapter, he explains to Kronklich that they need to go see his close and dear friend, Father Bronin. Spoiler Alert - They go back into to the town of Roland only to discover that it has been ravished and destroyed. The people are in an uproar and seek answers as well, particularly from the same place Tenor is needing to go, Albestan Church. He and Kronklich are overrun by monsters and it is only a matter of time before Tenor can do nothing but succumb to defeat. Or does he?

Here is some imagery from the last book reading video currently available on the website and Youtube. Share with your friends. Listen to the soothing sounds of Bogarts destroying townsfolk and Tenor doing his best to reach the gates of the church before its to late.

Stay tuned for more on the chapter readings. Maybe I will see you tomorrow night, Facebook Live, Tuesday February 21st @ 8:00pm for chapter 5.

See you soon and stay safe. There are horrible monsters lurking around every corner. You just never know when they might appear.......

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