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  • F. D. Gross

Parchment Wrapped and Wax Sealed

'Tis no surprise to see this? Yes, well of course. Now you too can receive your mark of the House of Wolfgang and the House of Gross. Wolfgang received his letter of distress from the Danbury Hovel and dispatched himself to investigate the evil befallen in the woods. To his horror, the makings of a vampire family had begun and so it was another day in the life of a vampire hunter.

Featuring signed copies of Wolfgang, they are available for purchase. They come hand wrapped in parchment paper and sealed with blood wax. Each copy sold gets a specialized authentic personal letter. Great gift ideas for friends, the family and loved ones. And their cheap too! For US residents, $20 covers everything, signed copy of the book, shipping, and handling. For anyone outside the US, the cost unfortunately has to go up some, starting at $35 per package (damn overseas charges).

See what others have said about the results (courtesy to Mr. Spinney). Its fun and exciting to receive a package wrapped in the mail. It's like Christmas all over again.

So exciting. So get your copy today. It all starts with a message. Send me an email or direct message with your request. I would be ever so humble.

Cheers and good day to you.

~ F. D. Gross

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