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Introspect of the Prologue - Facebook Live Reading Tomorrow 1/24/2017

Introspect of the Prologue:

You have to ask yourself, who's side would you take? Who would you support? The vampire or the hunter? In the Prologue of Wolfgang, the reader gets to see the unique side of things by witnessing what its like for a vampire whose lived for thousands of years. Hardly fun from his point of view, perhaps? Ideas such as The Hand of God are introduced to the story for the first time. An artifact created perhaps from God or possibly man? Regardless of its origin, its power is demonstrated when Egleaseon clutches it within his grasp, the power to abolish the curse of the vampire. Thousands of years of immortality are taken from him in one fell swoop. Yes, humanity was restored, but at what cost?

There are so many underlying questions that rise up from the Prologue. Was the cost of dying worth it to Egleaseon? All we know is he smiled in the end, just before he evaporated into dust.

Whatever happened to Wolfgang during the episode? Sixteen years later, after the strange death of Egleaseon, we get to see the beginning of Wolfgang at his manor. What awaits his torturous soul?

I will be returning tomorrow on Facebook Live to bring you the reading of chapter I. Be sure not to miss it and I'll see you there!

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