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  • F. D. Gross

The Eve of Christmas

Today is the eve of Christmas, and the Winter Solstice is upon us. I wanted to wish everyone and their families a warm and satisfying holiday. Enjoy the night, be festive, and remember to think of those that mean the most to you and appreciate them.

With that said, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have shown support for my work. Thank you to those who recently attended the book signing on December 10th. It was a wonderful opportunity to see you and carry on conversations. A big shout out to the following: Diana, London, Kady, Janis, Donna, Shawn, Laura, Johnathan, Jonny, Jayden, Lexi, Lianna, Shirley, and Natalie. It was fun being able to walk around and check out the sights and meet the other authors at the event. It's entertaining to see what interests other minds hold. Thank you to all of you as well and thank you to Alex the store manager of Barnes and Noble for hosting me.

With all the video footage I took, I was able to put together a short. Check it out and tell me what you think.

And in closing, just remember that while we are all safe and comfortable within the confines of our homes, enjoying the company of our families, and eating delicious foods, Tenor Wolfgang is out there, chasing after shadows and mysteries enshrouding the whereabouts of his son, searching for his purpose and destiny, his north star. Make sure to sympathize with him by reading the words of his story and continuing his journey of darkness into the depths of the unknown.....

Cheers to all.

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